Sleighter Engineering Reappointed Masontown Borough and Municipal Authority Engineer

Masontown Borough-Municiapl Building
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Sleighter Engineering, Inc. has been reappointed to serve as the consulting engineer for the Borough of Masontown and the Masontown Municipal Authority.


We have held this position for the past five years and are now reassigned as the consulting engineering for the next 12 months plus an additional 3 years to carry our the Municipal Authority Corrective Action Plan in addition to our normal contract.


The services we perform for both the Borough and the Authority include:


Water distribution sentence maintenance, management, and improvements. Sanitary sewer collection system and wastewater treatment facilities maintenance, management, and improvements. Ensuring that both the Borough and the Municipal Authority are compliant with local, state and federal compliance ( EPA, PADEP, PADOT, etc.) Borough road maintenance and improvements. Property inspections and Borough Code compliance. Preparing information and submitting public sector grant applications. Asset management and planning.


We are looking forward to completing many successful projects for the Borough and the Municipal Authority over the next few years.


If any of these services are something your company is seeking feel free to reach out to us! We are happy to help.