Masontown Borough// S. P. W. A. Water Supply Interconnect

Masontown, PA

In order to provide water supply redundancy to Borough water customers and to allow for the closure of an existing water treatment plant, Masontown Borough Council voted on December 9, 2014 to construct an interconnect between the existing Masontown Borough Water Supply System and the Southwest Pennsylvania Water Authority.

The project consisted of the construction of a new 10” PVC C900 DR18 PC235 transmission line to supply the Borough of Masontown with potable water supplied by Southwestern PA Water Authority. This interconnect is being used to supply the Borough and portions of German Township with potable water. The project is projected to save the Borough in excess of $250,000 per year.

The scope of the project consisted of the following:

  •  New Meter/Regulator pit, Meter Pit 1, (point of transfer)
  • 3,150 LF of 12” PVC main from S.P.W.A. to meter pit 1
  • 1,087 LF of 10” PVC main from the Meter Pit 1 to the existing 1 MG Storage Tank
  • 780 LF of 10” PVC main from the Meter Pit 1 to Valve Pit #1
  • 450 LF of 10” HDPE main from Valve Pit 1 to Valve Pit #2 (Jack & Bore)
  • 487 LF of 10” PVC main from the Valve Pit #2 to the connection to the existing transmission piping.
  • 695 LF of 8” PVC main from Meter Pit 1 to Varsity Road

Sleighter Engineering designed, permitted and managed the construction of the project from inception to closeout and coordinated additional construction and connection operations with S.P.W.A. throughout the 2 year project.



Client Masontown Borough



  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Construction Management