Condition of Use for Sleighter Engineering, Inc. FTP Site


The electronic file data (“File Data”) contained on the Sleighter Engineering FTP Server pertains to architecture,  civil engineering, land surveying, land planning and related data and information for projects and is provided by Sleighter Engineering, Inc. expressly subject to the following terms and conditions:


The File Data is based on original work product and accurately reflects such work product at the time the files are delivered by Sleighter Engineering to the initial User (i.e., the person directly acquiring the File Data from SEI). No other representation or warranty concerning the File Data is made by SEI and its use by any person is solely at such person’s risk. Likewise, SEI makes no representations or warranties concerning the original work product on which the File Data is based.


Without Sleighter Engineering’s prior written consent, the File Data shall not be (i) modified, added to or rearranged, or (ii) used for any purpose or project other than that for which it was originally acquired by the Initial User, or (iii) provided or sold to any third party, the File Data being solely for the use of the Initial User, Sleighter Engineering’s consent may be conditioned on receiving reasonable compensation and/or assurances and indemnities.


It shall be the Initial User’s responsibility to determine the compatibility of the File Data with the Initial User’s computer software and hardware, use of the File Data constitutes the agreement of the Initial User (or any other user) to the foregoing terms and conditions.


Any data uploaded to this FTP server becomes the property of and may be used at the discretion of Sleighter Engineering, Inc.


Note: Please be advised that the data files may stay on this FTP site for a period of 30 days or less from the date that they were put on the FTP Server and then they may be removed. Please copy the requested files as soon as possible. This is not a remote storage server and files will periodically be purged to recover server space.


Please contact your project manager with any questions prior to exchanging data.