Jane DoljacJane A. Doljac, A.D.

CADD Manager/Architectural Designer

As the CADD Manager, Jane manages the work flow of the drafting department. She is instrumental in developing CADD standards for Sleighter Engineering, and manages deployment and customization of all CADD software to our design workstations. Jane works closely with our architects, engineers and design staff to develop design documents for our clients, and her project experience brings a unique blend of experience and talent to our projects.

Throughout Jane’s career, she gained experience in all aspects of the architectural engineering field. Beginning as a construction drafter while attending technical school for Architectural CADD Graphics she moved on to mechanical, electrical and structural drafting and then to HVAC design. Over the past 15 years, Jane has been working hand-in-hand with architectural and structural aspects of projects as a Lead Designer and CADD Manager.

Pennsylvania State University Associate in Architectural Engineering Technology - 1995
Pittsburgh Technical Institute Associate in Specialized Technology - 1990